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Discover endless summer fun Where kids create, explore, and grow all summer long!
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Little Scholar Preschool
Little Scholar preschool program is an excellent choice for your child's earliest academic experiences and learning spaces. Choose a 3 Day Program or a 5 Day Program and enroll now!
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Unlock Your Child's Learning Superpowers with Sensory Brilliance!

Welcome to a world where little learners flourish beyond ABCs and 123s! At Little Scholar Preschool and Afterschool programs  we’re not just any ordinary preschool or afterschool  – we’re a sensory-rich haven where your kiddo’s developmental superpowers come to life.

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Imagine a place that’s buzzing with the energy of curious minds and tiny fingers exploring a Montessori-inspired wonderland. Here, every touch, sight, sound, and movement is a golden ticket to brain-building magic. Why? Because we believe in nurturing the roots of learning through sensory development for children – it’s our jam!

From toddler programs, to preschool, to K-6 after school programs, and more, we are here to support children creative mind and curiosity. 

Our playful paradise is decked out with specialized equipment and activities that are more than just fun – they’re stepping stones to help your mini-me master the art of filtering distractions and gliding through sensory experiences like a boss.

Are you tired of seeing cookie-cutter curriculums that don’t jive with your child’s unique spark? We hear you! Little Scholar Montessori-inspired curriculum for preschoolers is designed to let their individuality shine while giving them the tools to tackle the big-kid world of elementary school head-on.

 At ACE Academy, students in grades K-6 can get tutoring support and engaging after school care. We strongly believe that early and age-appropriate exposure to arts and academics develops a strong foundation of understanding and learning.

Looking for something less traditional? Our Activity Clubs (available for preschool and K-6 children) offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities structured in a rotating schedule to help children discover new passions, interests, and hobbies.

At Little Scholar, we prepare children to excel academically and creatively and to develop social emotional skills. Join us today!

Discover a World of Sensory Adventure and Learning, for life

Looking for ways to enrich your older child’s experience after their elementary school day is over? We offer after school program in Newark, CA and we are proud to serve surrounding cities in the East Bay. 

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