Are Summer Camps Expensive? Fees of Summer Camp?

Summer Camps – Fun in the Sun!

Summer camps bring the fun into learning something new. There are camps that run over a week or two that teach various forms of art, music or design, develops hobby interests or initiate interest in various sports. Others could be intensive, focused on a single sport or creative art form and spread out over three to five days.

Duration of camps and activities provided is an aspect that makes each camp unique. While most summer camps are for children, there are boot camps and retreats that cater to an adult audience as well. Summer camps for young toddlers and children are usually spread out over a longer period of time so as to give them an opportunity to learn and explore new concepts at their own pace. However the key to finding one that suits your requirements is to select a camp that offers activities that would be of interest to your child, has a similar age group and works around your schedule or time frame.

A major concern regarding summer camps is often the cost or fee involved. For almost all parents this is an extra curricular activity, secondary to the responsibility of regular school. While the desire to enlist children in order to encourage them pick up something new is a great motivator, high costs can often be a deterrent. However, most camps take this into consideration and keep the fees nominal – the objective behind this is an attempt to provide children with a relaxed learning platform, organised and busy through out the long summer days, involved in learning some new or in a creative activity while parents still have to maintain their routine work.

Most costs include the fee of the teachers or instructors, especially if they are specialists in teaching a new technique or skill, the cost of maintenance and upkeep of the school structure, cost of raw materials or instruments used and any refreshments provided. Any special event that marks the closure of the camp, like a sports carnival, a small competition or a dance routine might sometimes involve an extra charge if organised on a large scale.

The idea of summer camps is fun, leaning new tasks, getting creative, spending time in nature, outdoor games and activities, making new friends and trying out new activities, garner new skills. Organizers function on the principles of having the right number of children so that there are enough people to play games or make groups, but not too many as to limit dilution of the activities being conducted. The idea is to encourage each child, individually or in a group, whatever works as each personality is different. Hopefully at the end of a summer camp your child should have picked up a new skill, maybe developed interest to create another hobby or found a passion for something new.

Considering the large numbers of children who spend the entire summer indoors, stuck to a screen, most parents are willing to pay a decent sum in order to engage them in finding new interests, or maybe just get them outdoors.

However, regardless of the reasons, a good summer camp makes you want to join in each summer. Especially for children who can grow and learn together, without peer pressures and beyond the boundaries of a school curriculum.


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