Benefits of online Preschool for your child.

Online Preschool – the way of the future 

Schools the world over have had to change the way they approach teaching and students have had to adapt to a whole new world of learning and submitting their work. Preschool is no different. 

While chatting with a friend who has two pre-schooler’s it just dawned on me how tough it would be for her to manage online school with her toddlers. It’s tough enough with older children – to get them to focus, pay attention and stay engaged on screen. However online Preschool has its benefits. 

  1. The first and foremost benefit of an online Preschool in our current Covid pandemic scenario is that parents can be more invested and involved in their toddlers first few years of learning. They can enjoy the steps to actual learning rather than the more traditional practice of only being able to help with homework or not interfering with the school’s teaching progress.
  2. All children learn at their own pace. This applies to pre-schooler’s even more. While some have to be helped along by the teacher holding their hand and encouraging them to join in the group others are quick to grasp the task, make a quick attempt and move on to something else. Unlike traditional senior classrooms, preschool education is interesting and very interactive. Therefore, online Preschool allows children to learn at their own pace, they do not have a group to keep up with, no peer pressures, no rush to master tasks quicker than they like.
  3. Study sessions and online classes can also be scheduled according to the family’s needs or sometimes even when it’s most convenient. This is impossible in school where they have to be present in person, at a specific time each day, in order to fit in with the school’s schedule. 
  4. Learning tools can be moulded to suit each child’s progress and needs individualistically which is not possible in a classroom scenario. Sophisticated software and various learning programs have made it easier to individualise teaching methods and even learning materials as there are so many more options to choose from in the virtual world. 
  5. Introvert children often find it easier to engage in discussions online than they do amongst their peers. Technology gives them the option of being completely present and yet having a comfort zone to voice their opinions without the fear of judgement.
  6. Children learn to adapt to the world of computers and software. They’ve already taken over our world and now have become the one mode of communication, work, education and skill development for people all over the world. While a good internet connection is key, online Preschool gives children a foundation for the future as it will be in times to come.
  7. Games and different learning tools can be adopted to enhance basic skills. Depending on the child’s personal preferences games, music, modules that engage a child’s focus for longer periods of time can be personalized to increase concentration and learning time. This prevents a child from losing focus when they are bored or cannot relate to the topic under discussion.
  8. Safety and hygiene are not an issue. As children work from the safety of their own homes parents do not need to worry about their safety from infections and viruses, which has been of utmost concern in the last one year.

Regardless of your preference, online Preschool seems to have the edge over in person schools in present times. And probably for a few years to come.

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