Choose between online preschool and In person preschool

We are currently dealing with a worldwide scenario where parents struggle with the idea of home schooling or sending children to school. Both are fraught with uncertainties, knowing whether it’s the right thing to do, for your child, the society or to deal with your concerns as a parent. Especially comparing pros and cons of Online preschool vs In person Preschool.

Online Preschool

Online Preschool can be the most rewarding experience for a parent and child. All they have to do at this age is play and learn. 

It’s an excellent way for parents to form a bond with their children, develop a level of understanding that will remain for years to come. 

In the current post Covid scenario online Preschool has gained popularity. It’s definitely a safer option as the child does not need to leave the home environment. It’s an advantage as children don’t need to leave their comfort zone yet gain all the skills they need.

Home preschooling also helps prepare children for the formal environment of schooling and ensures they do not miss out on learning in cases where they cannot attend school, as is the current scenario all over the world.

To start with a learning desk or area needs to be created for the child. This helps a child learn to get organised. If there are more children in the house this helps establish working spaces and a formal learning area for all. 

So online Preschool is an ideal way to teach your child the ropes. It adds discipline to the household and creates an environment for learning, one where learning never stops. 

In-person Preschool

There are also some crucial points in favour of going to Preschool and engaging in a formal learning environment.

Socialisation. Growing children need to be socialized in order to interact and deal with their peers. 

In a school environment children learn how to interact with adults and other children. Shy by nature, children learn basic manners and communication. Even though these are often instilled by parents, children shy away when they face adults. 

A formal learning environment allows them to gain the confidence to speak up, simply put. While at home a child is the centre of attention and each narrative is heard out with utmost encouragement, this is not the case out in the world. Children learn early on how and when to speak, manage their words and get the message across clearly. This is a very important life skill. 

Another point in favour of in-person preschools is the wide range of learning applications available to the child. While books and toys can be bought, space is often a restriction in most households. Also preschools bring access to trained professional teaching staff, teaching tools, equipment and play areas that are designed to improve and develop motor skills.

Regardless of your preference, it is important to remember that patience is the key.

A teacher or parent who gets irritated when a child cannot understand or takes longer to grasp a certain fact will be setting a foundation of stress associated with learning. And believe me there are a lot of parents who feel being assertive or aggressive helps children in the long run. I have nothing against a parent being strict, in fact on a personal note, no one could have had a stricter upbringing, but there is a fine line in letting a child learn through trial and error to eventually develop a strong foundation and forcing a child to mimic concepts that are unclear just to get the job done. In a school environment teachers are trained to work with children from varying backgrounds and unique levels of learning.

We all know what stays with us the longest. The funniest memories from school or moments that left an impression in preschool are memories that we still relive. On the contrary an impatient teacher or one that scared us we shy away from. So regardless of what works for each individual, the universally accepted fact remains that learning should be fun.

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