How Preschool Can Make You Smarter and Healthier?

Preschools – a window to the world

Why opt for a preschool?

Most studies have concluded that preschool or a formal collective learning environment is more enriching and stimulating for toddlers than basic home-based learning.

Preschools are not only more conducive to learning, but help the overall development of toddlers taking the first steps towards a formal education, one that eventually enables them to take on their roles as well adjusted adults. 

What do preschools teach?

  • Discipline 

Preschools instil a sense of discipline in toddlers. They teach the basic principles of time management and hygiene. Children learn about self grooming, the importance of achieving simple daily tasks and develop a sense of responsibility and awareness about doing simple chores.

  • Routine 

This also sets the foundation for following a routine which is key in achieving a healthy future. Children have regulated meals and while at preschool the focus is on how to eat healthy. Watching their peers do the same creates positive imaging and over time they learn how to eat better, for healthier bodies and smarter minds. 

  • Child development

However, preschool programs and preschool learning activities also play a major role in child development. Children who are formally educated, receive all the tools they need to succeed in life in a structured way.

For toddlers this is a safe place to explore their emotions, develop interpersonal skills, pick up socially accepted norms and set a good foundation for their formal education. 

What are the various programs offered in preschool?

Preschools in California have various programs for children, each unique yet focussed on their approach to create a fun learning environment with a warm, nurtured and creative atmosphere. They offer customized learning, targeted at each child, so that they can learn and progress at their own pace. Preschools also offer a safe place for children to explore and develop new social and academic skills, utilising a child’s inherent curiosity to teach new concepts. The foundations for learning English, Mathematics and Science all start here. 

Do preschools provide only formal learning?

Preschools go beyond formal school learning. Various activities include art, dance, music, sport and various forms of creative expression that further assist a young child to drop limiting self beliefs and inhibitions and find activities that ignite their passion.  They also offer summer, winter and spring learning camps and which go beyond what the school curriculum offers. Children can pick up new hobbies or interests and they also encourage participation from parents and grandparents.

What are the various methods of teaching adopted by preschools?

Most Californian preschools follow the Montessori or Arthur Gillingham Approach with professionally trained educators who are highly skilled and adept at handling such young minds. With access to the ocean, a lot of preschools in California also conduct beach visits, picnics, nature trips or trails that further help children to explore and learn about their environment and nature. 

Taking on the importance of the benefits of channelling calm energy for a relaxed body and mind, a lot of preschools encourage and teach young children to sit quietly in meditation or have some time to relax. This time is built into the curriculum with an introduction to yoga or restorative movement that enables them to acquire health coping mechanisms.

What is the best preschool program?

A complete preschool program looks at developing every aspect of a child’s personality. They not only make them smarter, but happier, healthier individuals who can vibe well with their peers and give back to the society they live in.

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