How to find the right preschool for your child ?

First you’re excited about the baby bump and before you know it you’re looking for a preschool or kindergarten for your bundle of joy.
All of us think our children are the smartest, brightest little people on the horizon. That spark in those inquisitive eyes as they absorb every word or activity around them. The incessant questions as they begin to grasp the simple pleasures and concepts of life.
And that’s where a good preschool comes in.
You want to harness all that potential. Give your child the best you can afford. And develop every little interest as the possibilities are endless.
There are a few key points that are very obvious as you start the search for a good preschool.
First and foremost. A good preschool near me. Distances play an important role. You want to get your toddler to school while he’s still fresh and bursting with energy not groggy cause the drive to preschool has left her groggy from a nap half completed. A preschool near where you live also means that children can meet after hours, at the community park or join common sports programs.
This is one of the key points in grading a preschool to fit your demands and requirements.
Secondly the number of children per class plays an important role. There should be just enough children to encourage interaction yet not so many that children get overlooked.
Thirdly, the facilities on offer and preschool programs are equally important.
Preschool programs ratings are based on two dimensions of quality — process and structure. The interactions, activities, materials, learning opportunities, and health and safety routines are observed and rated as a measure of process quality.
And structural quality includes the size of every group of children in the various grades, the adult to child ratio and the education and training qualifications of the teachers and staff.
The budget also plays and important part as does the preschool program of teaching. There are a few main methods of teaching used universally.
The Montessori Method.
The Reggio Amilia Approach.
The Highscope Approach.
The Waldorf Approach.
Take some time to understand the various teaching methods applied and whether they are more intellectual or creative. And choose a plan that is suited to your child. While most children enjoy creativity some children are very creative but completely lost in an intellectual world.
Health and safety also play a key role. Specially in our present times. Our biggest concern today is keeping our children safe so hygiene and cleanliness standards maintained can play a major role in appealing to your senses. And in giving you a sense of comfort, assurance and relief regarding the place you intend to drop your child for a few hours everyday for the next few years.
So whatever the initial attraction make sure that the preschool you choose fulfills all these requirements. A little extra effort to start with will result in stress-free indulgence in boosting the creativity of your child.