Innovation in preschool classroom

We believe in making the children’s foundation strong and in continuous improvement in our ways of preshcool teaching . We aim to use innovation in education in our preshcool classrooms – Tech with care ( Please read Little Scholars use of Technology guidelines)

With an aim to achieve a good balance between hands on learning and technology. There is a large amount of research conducted in domain of preschool education. Our focus is to leverage innovative technology and research to keep improving and adding value in providing education to children.

Harmonious development of
your child's talents

In addition to Little Scholar’s commitment to educational excellence, our program offers variety of activities that allow students to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Based on the research we know that students learn best by doing, our learning programs begin with age-appropriate instruction guiding children as they discover exciting real-world use of their new skills.

All activities of our preschool focus on achieving a balance between academic excellence,social – emotional development and on school readiness*

(* Research has indicated  that children who enter school with early skills, such as a basic knowledge of math and reading, are more likely than their peers to experience later academic success and attain higher levels of education)

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