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5 years to 9 years


June 1 – July 30th, 2021
Monday through Friday.
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  Full Day: 9:00 to 3:00

Extended care available
3:00 – 6:00 pm 

Are you looking for an engaging, in-person program for your child to jumpstart their summer?

Enlighten your child’s creative spirit at our exclusive summer club! Specially designed to ensure social distancing guidelines, our summer club welcomes students (ages 6-12) of all skill levels to join in on the fun. KidsCreate is a balanced, creative program with opportunities to build new skills and improve interpersonal communication, with integrated opportunities in reading and math.

No matter which week your camper attends, they will be exploring visual arts, culinary arts, music, and science throughout their program.


Why KidsCreate Summer Camp?

At KidsCreate Summer Camp, our aim is to provide children with a creative space where they are free to explore, discuss, and create. The teacher’s role is to design available activities that utilize cognitive and sensory pathways to make the learning experience more effective, integrating academic concepts (math, language, science, problem solving) across different investigative opportunities. The student’s role is to explore wherever their interest guides them.

Our model is based on the latest educational research. Students learn best when they are part of the learning; that is, when they get to explore, discuss, provide opinions, or are appropriately challenged. We also know the effectiveness of student-centered learning, in which the learner uses their own inquiry and investigation to guide education, rather than committing to prescribed activities.

Active learning occurs when a child’s brain is challenged to use cognitive and sensory networks at the same time. “In plain terms, the more we can activate a student’s brain in different ways, the more they learn. This means that engaging as many sensory, cognitive, emotional and social processes in students will increase their learning potential.” (Source: Neuroscience of Active Learning). 

Campers will explore topics related to the summer and the natural world using visual arts, language and communication, music, and culinary arts. While campers are investigating through play and inquiry, they will use reading, writing, speech, math, and science skills to support their learning and exploration.

Investigative Domains: Visual Arts, Language and Communication, Music, Culinary Arts

Integrated Subjects: Reading, Writing, Speech, Mathematics, Science

KidsCreate Camps

The Great Outdoors

Explore what makes the outdoor world so special! From wild animals to native habitats, this week is all about our environment, our planet, and outdoor activities.  As part of their exploration, campers will create art from recycled material, understanding that recycling is the an important step to preserving the beauty and health of our planet.

"Seas" the Day

Have you ever wondered why a humpback whale sings, or where waves come from? Let’s dive deeper— into the ocean! 

This week, investigate oceans and shorelines. Explore what makes ocean animals, plants, and habitats so special and exciting all around the world.

Summer Blast

We are scouting out everything that makes summer special — from unique holidays like the Fourth of July, to delicious summertime foods, to seasonal activities in the beautiful sunshine. Join us for a celebration of the season! 

Nature Explorers

Nature is all around us, from the tiniest insects in our backyards to the massive planets in our solar system and beyond. Come with us for an unforgettable exploration of the natural world!

Mixing nature and art, children will learn to use natural elements to create their own masterpieces.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Calling all adventurers! From the highest mountain peaks to the deepest ocean trenches, from the wildest jungles to the hottest deserts,  investigate our planet and all of its extreme conditions. This week is all about adventure and exploration. Campers will even prepare adventurous crafts, like binoculars and compasses!

Staff Members

 At KidsCreate we pride ourselves at hiring people with high emotional quotient (EQ).Research indicates people with high EQ have better ability to motivate, have empathy, and work better under stress.  Each staff member goes through an interview process that allows us evaluate how they work with children. Once they are selected, all staff members undergo a background check.

Health and Safety

The safety and welfare of our children is of paramount importance. All staff have background checks done before they start with KidsCreate. Furthermore, there is always a staff member present on premises with CPR and First Aid certification. All children will be signed in and signed out in presence of a staff member, and only authorized parents/adults are permitted to pick up a child. 

Little Scholar remains open with safety practices in line with CDC and Alameda County guidelines. At our site, you will see the following practices in use: 

  • Frequent hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
  • Modified drop off and pick up procedures
  • Daily health screening procedures, including temperature screenings and home health updates
  • Safe staff-to-student ratio
  • Small student cohorts

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