Summer Camp

KIDZDOJO Creative Club

KIDZDOJO Creative Club-Arts,
Music, Cooking and Fun (K- 6th grade)

Flexible Class Schedule - Choose one class or more

Enlighten your kid’s creative spirit with a flexible on -demand summer club. Specially designed to ensure social distancing guidelines.

Choose to attend one class( 60 minutes) or stay on for more starting July 01st  to  August 15th 2020 – (Hourly/Weekly  and Extended hours available)

Why KIDSDOJO Creative Club?

What we do at KIDZDOJO Creactive club ?

A BALANCED CREATIVE program with opportunities to be creative, improve interpersonal communication and opportunities in reading and math.

A goal oriented program : end of each program will children will SHOW their work.

High interest, engaging activities.

SMALL Group classes allows us to provide individualize attention.

Combine SCIENCE, MATHS and Games to create a all rounded development experience through our curated weekly themes.

High student to staff ratio.



Dates : Weekly program starting June 07th - June 30th 

Our art program is designed for all levels of artists ages 5-12.  Through a series of projects including, but not limited to,  step-by-step drawing, still life sketching, painting and mixed media art your child will learn that, not only can anyone create art, but that art will help them develop in other areas of life as well.  Your children will learn about famous artists (Picasso, Van Gogh, Rizza, etc.) and types of art (realism, surreal art, collaging, etc.) and they will have the opportunity to use their imaginations and develop their own creative style.

Skill Focus: Drawing, Painting, Creativity, Observation and Storytelling


Dates : Weekly program starting June 07th - June 30th

Your child will learn the art of listening and discovering their voice that others will hear.  They will listen, write, practice, and present a speech to their peers and teachers which will serve as preparation for future classroom oral presentations as well as speaking at social events.  Your child will gain the confidence to speak to a group, fine tune their public speaking skills (enunciation, pronunciation, timing, use of visual aids) and become comfortable with this very valuable skill.

In this course we will be covering : 

Skill Focus: Communication and Presentation


Dates : Weekly program starting June 07th - June 30th

Your children will incorporate their math, reading, and science skills while preparing snacks and small meals to share with others.  They will also learn the value of meal preparation and reading labels for content.  

Skill Focus: Planning, Healthy eating, Hygiene, Presentation and Restaurant Management


Dates : Weekly program starting June 07th - June 30th

Learn about singing notes, writing songs and creating promotion videos. Win a  Singing competion.

Skill Focus: Sining, Performing and Marketing 

Staff Members

 At KIDZDOJO we pride ourselves at hiring people with high emotional quotient (EQ).Research indicates people with high EQ have better ability to motivate, have empathy and work better under stress.  Each staff member goes through a interview process that allows us evaluate how they work with children . Once they are selected all staff members go through a background checks .

Safety and Healthy Environment

The safety and welfare of our children is of paramount importance. All staff have background checks done before they start with KIDSDOJO. There is always a staff member present on premises with CPR and First Aid certification. 

All children will be signed in and signed out in presence of a staff member. Only authorized parents/ adults will be allowed to pick up a child. 

Timing, Dates and Fee

Small batch classes , a unique summer camp experience designed for minimize any harmful exposure to children . Fee is based on small batch classes

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