St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Whole Family

Is it just us, or is St. Patrick’s Day one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with kids? Whether your family is celebrating their Irish heritage, or if you’re celebrating Irish contributions to American culture and progress, here are some fun ways to embrace all the luck of this shamrock-covered tradition.

For Littles and Preschoolers

If you are looking for a fun craft that is easily accessible to the younger set, try these Mosaic Paper Shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade. The materials list is simple and the instructions are easy. We recommend writing your child’s name and age on the back, then laminating your shamrock, so that you can decorate with it next year (when your little might not be so little anymore).

For Elementary and Up

If your kids are ready for more of a challenge, it doesn’t get more exciting than these Lucky Charms Catapults, from Joy in the Works. Younger children may need some help with assembly, but this STEM activity is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. (Bonus: if you are looking for ways to get your teen to join a family activity… this one is hard to resist!

To increase the scientific rigor of this activity, record hypotheses before launching your catapults, then change one variable at a time.

Try using these sentence frames: 

  • I predict that my catapult will launch a marshmallow ___ inches.
  • If I (increase/decrease the length of the lever arm), the launch distance will (increase/decrease) by ___ inches.
  • If I (increase/decrease the height of the catapult), the launch distance will (increase/decrease) by ___ inches.

And maybe set aside a separate bowl for snacking, just in case.

St. Patrick's Day at Little Scholar

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