A Montessori Toddler Program in Newark

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Our toddler program serves children from 18 to 36 months and is currently accepting new enrollment at our Central Location.

toddler program in Newark CA

Program Overview

Welcome to Little Scholar, a Montessori toddler program and our youngest group offering in Newark! 

Our program is designed to meet the exploratory, social, and emotional needs of toddlers and aid in holistic development using the Montessori framework. Children explore their environment to develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills.

A toddler’s age is the age when they learn the language spoken around them, they learn the skills that remove the dependencies of adults, social skills, and all such. With the help of the right toddler programs, they facilitate faster and right learning of these skills.

Our part-time model prepares children to practice independence and manage separation anxiety— a perfect stepping stone on the way to preschool. We are proud to partner with parents in our supportive community to share resources, information, and early childhood experiences together.

As per your kid’s age they grow on different aspects and that is how they need different learning aspects. It is physical, mental, and cognitive skills. Our toddler education program is there to set up all the opportunities to allow them to grow in all these aspects.

Explore our topics in Montessori Programs for Toddlers

Sample activities include:

  • Working with objects
  • Assembling puzzles
  • Matching numbers
  • Tracing and matching shapes

Sample activities include:

  • Identifying colors
  • Working with modeling dough
  • Identifying sounds and smells

Sample activities include:

  • Using pincers
  • Transferring objects
  • Opening and closing objects

Sample activities include:

  • Naming parts of the body
  • Learning about phonics
  • Naming objects
  • Basic counting and counting objects

Sample activities include:

  • Naming and identifying feelings
  • Concepts about sharing
  • Listening to and following directions
  • Social music

Sample activities include:

  • Wiping up spills
  • Laying a table
  • Self-care, including potty training support

What makes Little Scholar so special?

In our Montessori toddler program, children explore our language-rich environment to develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills.
The Montessori framework also provides children with authentic opportunities for practical life experiences, including care of self and care of environment, as well as a prosocial setting to foster interpersonal skills.

Rooted in the principles of Montessori, our toddler program focuses on fostering independence, curiosity, and a love for learning in toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years old. Through a mixture of hands-on exploration, guided activities, and gentle guidance from our experienced educators, toddlers in our Montessori program embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Looking for classes for children older than 36 months?

Check out our Preschool program for ages 2-5! For students in grades K-6, we are proud to offer our ACE Academy suite of supplemental educational programs, including after school care, tutoring, and seasonal camps.

What do else you want to see in the Toddler Program?

Besides everything that is discussed, get an environment for your kids to learn in our toddler program. We design a consistent curriculum for Toddlers routine to explore, learn, and play in our class. We also keep the health and safety policy strict so that your kids can enjoy the most.

With a focus on individualized attention and tailored learning experiences, our Montessori Toddler Program sets the foundation for a lifetime of academic success and personal fulfillment. Join us at Little Scholar School as we guide your toddler through this exciting stage of development with warmth, care, and Montessori-inspired excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a toddler program?
The curriculum that helps your toddler learn communication, social, and creative skills along with strength and mindfulness is known as the toddler program.

What Montessori Toddler activities should you put your child in?
Some activities are practical activities, social activities, language learning, and as per their interest a toddler should be taught.

How do I enroll my child in the Montessori toddler program?
Check out our programs first, then register into our program filling out the given form filling up the details of your child. We will get back to you or you can contact our Little Scholar Newark Center.