What Do Parents Look For In A Summer Camp?

Summer camps are fun for children and an ideal investment for parents. If you spend some time in finding one that provides the right stimulation for your child and at the same time also promotes your values and concepts as a family, then you can sit back and enjoy the summer, maybe even get in some me time, take up a new hobby.

However, in order to get there, we provide some basic guidelines that you can follow while selecting a summer camp that is suited to your child’s interests and abilities. While the first and foremost requirement is that is should be a stimulating experience, there are various concerns that parents have that also need to be addressed and met in order for it to be a pleasurable time for all.

1. Safety and hygiene – this cannot be stressed often enough. Ask any parent and one of their foremost concerns when toddlers join the school are regarding the cleanliness of the facility. In our present times it is of utmost importance as parents already struggling with the issue of whether to send their children out or keep them at home during the pandemic. So before you select a summer camp, visit them to see what facilities they offer. Ask about the hygiene routine they follow with children,  especially the younger ones. And how they practice social distancing. A little extra effort will put your mind at ease, give you one less thing to worry about.

2. Interesting format – parents are looking for something beyond the school curriculum. Skills that they themselves might not be able to provide or a sport that sparks their interest. Some parents just want their children to spend more time outdoors, get more active and get off their phone and laptops.

3. Captivating teaching techniques – an interesting method of teaching or a creative way to grasp new concepts will always entice parents. Learn about nature, in nature or conduct a simple experiment on gravity by blowing bubbles. Anything that makes learning fun. It’s important to keep children learning and thinking throughout the summer vacation, but it need not be boring.

4. Encourage children to step out of their comfort zone – parents want children to learn new skills and summer camp is the perfect place to experiment with new hobbies or interests. This is the time to pick up a new dance technique, learn to play an instrument or speak another language. Since there is very little peer pressure, children have little fear of failure and can try their hand at various new skills.

5. Fit in with their schedule – summer camps have to be fun, for children and their parents. Choose one that fits in with your schedule so that you do not spend all day at work stressing about picking or dropping your child. Ideally, select one that follows similar timings as the school so that children can maintain their routine.

Choose wisely and it can be a good learning experience for your child. Rather than looking for the perfect camp, choose one that suits your child’s needs. One that will help encourage their development and keep their little brains active and stimulated with the right kind of motivation.

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