Why All Kids Should Go To Preschool

A good preschool sets the foundation for social and emotional growth, educational learning and the development of motor skills.

There are various ways that a good preschool helps prepare your child for life ahead. 

Allows social interaction

Preschools provide an ideal environment for children learn to interact with their peers and people outside the home. It is their first adventure into the real world and preschool ensures that it is a positive experience that creates a good foundation for developing into an emotionally stable individual.

Set the foundation for formal learning

Learning starts here. Children learn by touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. They learn by looking at pictures. Or playing with clay. And this helps them learn alphabets and numbers. Skilled and trained teachers provide a solid foundation that they can continue to build on.

Develop motor skills

Motor skills are key to healthy growth. Preschools monitor children to ensure they learn correct motor skills and also help them develop these skills through specially formulated activities.

Promote healthy emotional development

Preschools teach children how to explain and express their emotions in socially acceptable ways. They guide them in their interactions with other individuals and help them learn to deal with their emotions.

Enhance their vocabulary and language skills 

Language and vocabulary skills receive a boost in preschool. They interact with children from various backgrounds and cultures. This interaction encourages them to pick up new words and sentences and sometimes even develops an ear for languages.

Develop communication skills

Preschools provide an ideal environment for communication. Children are encouraged to exchange ideas and thoughts with each other and even with the adults who interact with them. While parents might not have the energy to encourage every little spark of interest shown by their toddler, preschool teachers has the patience and skills to encourage that and more.

Why is preschool important?

Research shows that children who attend preschool go ahead with better social and behavioral skills. They are better at reading, are stronger at maths and have richer vocabulary skills.

What will my child learn?

Most of preschool education consists of learning through activities. Children are engaged with games or story telling and encouraged to experiment and explore their surroundings and develop their keen sense of observation. They learn by asking questions and the focus is on developing the five senses through fun learning.

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