ACE Tutors: Ace Academy for K-6 Tutoring

ACE Tutoring by ace academy serves children in grades K-6 and is currently accepting new enrollment at our Thornton Location.

Program Overview

Our mission is to provide highly tailored, teacher-led tutoring to support students in increasing their academic achievement, self-confidence, and motivation to learn.

All ace tutoring sessions are structured, 40 minute lessons. Lessons are taught in small groups of 1-4 students, depending on their levels and needs, and students may enroll for 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Available subjects include English, mathmatics, general knowledge, Spanish, and science. Tutoring sessions are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the California State Standards.

Yes, a student can enroll in one or more than one subject, as needed. For each subject enrolled, a student will receive 40 minutes of instructions per session. We recommend scheduling these sessions separately, rather than back-to-back.

At ACE Academy Tutoring, we use evidence-based teaching practices such as: structured tutoring sessions, trained tutors, alignment between classroom instructions and curriculums, and more.

Research indicates that these practices help students improve their academic outcomes in school. In addition to academic improvement, we help students grow their self-esteem and positive attitude towards school.

Students and parents will receive bi-weekly feedback as to how the student is performing in relation to their individual microplans.

Students enrolled in the ACE After School program have the option for complimentary tutoring in a single subject. Any additional subjects must be enrolled separately.

Yes, of course! We are proud to offer a variety of extracurricular Activity Clubs that allow students to learn and grow from topics they are passionate about.

Why choose Ace Academy for ACE Academy Tutoring in Newark?

At ACE Academy Tutoring, we start with a diagnostic test, then work with the students to help them set and achieve quarterly academic goals. ACE Tutors create a quarterly microplan, evaluate their students weekly plans, and provide bi-weekly feedback to students and families.

All ACE tutors are trained subject teachers and provide support in alignment with the Common Core State Standards and California subject standards.

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