Little Scholar Preschool

Our preschool program serves children from ages 2 to 5 years and is currently accepting new enrollment at our Central Location.

Preschool Program in Newark CA

Program Overview

Our preschool is an excellent choice for your child’s earliest academic experiences. We support children as they explore many different areas of learning. Students at Little Scholar Preschool find joy and confidence as they grow!

Preschool learning activities include academic subjects like English, math, science, and Spanish alongside extracurricular topics such as arts, music, sports and movement, life skills, and socioemotional learning. 

The Little Scholar preschool program in Newark, CA is proud to support children and families from Fremont and other East Bay communities, as well. We know you have many options for preschool in California, and we are honored to serve our students with engaging, high-quality programs. 

Prerequisite to admission: Children must be potty trained.

Explore our preschool curriculum topics!

  • Phonological awareness
  • Alphabet knowledge
  • Motivation to read
  • Comprehension of text read aloud

  • Motivation to write skills
  • Concepts about print

  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking skills
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Sentence and structure skills

  • Counting
  • Geometry and spacial sense
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Classification and pattern skills
  • Measurement

  • Physical science
  • Life science
  • Earth and space science
  • Personal health and safety

  • Visual arts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance

  • Self-concept
  • Self-control
  • Social awareness
  • Emotional self-regulation
  • Control of attention
  • Social competence

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills

Why Choose Little Scholar Preschool?

The Little Scholar framework for all instructional levels is based on the Orton-Gillingham teaching approach, and focuses on the following four principles:

  1. Multisensory: Each lesson is planned so that visual, tactile, and kinesthetic techniques are used throughout the lesson to meet the needs of all children.
  2. Sequential: All lessons follow a specific order and build on a child’s growing knowledge. Educational research indicates that children learn best when they are exposed to a concept and then guided to build purposeful knowledge around it through intentional sequences of lessons.
  3. Prescriptive: Each lesson is designed with three learning levels in mind— early, at grade level and above grade level— so academic instruction can be tailored to the individual child’s needs.
  4. Focused on Positive Attitude of Learning: At Little Scholar, we use several strategies to build confidence and positivity around learning, including spiral review of previous topics, full-body response, and arts and movement incorporation. When children find confidence and joy in learning, they grow to become lifelong learners. Positive experience is a core component of the Little Scholar framework.

Looking for opportunities for different ages?

Check out our Toddler Program for children ages 18 – 36 months! For elementary-age students, we offer ACE Academy, a suite of supplemental K-6 educational programs including after school care, tutoring, spring camps, and summer camps.