Activity Clubs : For Your Child Development

Ready to grow in confidence and creativity? Try out a new skill or hobby in our Activity Clubs! From visual arts, to music and drama, to sports, to STEM, there’s something for everyone to explore.

Program Overview

Little Scholar’s Activity Clubs are dedicated to holistic child development and the important skills beyond academics. We offer curated programs that allow children to explore and experiment with various activities in a safe, fun, and nonjudgmental space to build collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative skills. Use the tabs below to explore our topics. For more information, please download our program brochure.

More than an Extracurricular...

Our unique schedule is what sets our program apart: each Activity Club meets once a week for 10 weeks. Topics change quarterly, so your child has opportunities to explore many different hobbies throughout the year without changing their weekly school schedule, childcare, or home routines. Activity Clubs offer a convenient, flexible way for children to explore many new activities in a single year — always fresh, always fun!

Our clubs aren’t just about learning facts – they’re about flaring inquisitiveness, building conviction, and helping your kid grow as a whole person. From mixing yummy dishes in our Culinary Arts Club to mastering a new soccer move in K-6 Soccer, there’s something for every kind of kid!

Here’s why Little Scholar’s Activity Clubs are the perfect fit for your child:

Endless Exploration: Prefer from various clubs, including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, and even Culinary Arts!

Develop Key Skills: Our clubs are designed for more than just fun. They help kids build necessary skills like teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking – all in a secure and corroborating environment.

Make New Friends: Activity Clubs are a great way for your child to meet new classmates who share their interests.

Register today!

Register on our website today to reserve a space for your child. For more K-6 care solutions, check out our ACE Academy programs, including After School Care and Tutoring.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Activity Clubs fun?

Activity clubs for toddler offer fun, interesting, artful experiences for preschoolers which includes performing arts, sports, culinary arts, and many more activities to engage the kids.

How old should a child be to join a club?

The child should be between 2.5 – 4 years to join the Activity clubs, depending on the age, your kid could engage in the activities.

How can Activity clubs for toddlers help to upgrade social skills?

Activity clubs for toddlers helps them to learn good social skills such as communication, expressions, confidence and many more.