Ace Academy After School
ACE Academy, a Little Scholar program, serves children after school from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Our Approach

We provide a space to children to develop their own thinking, ideas, and sense of self. At ACE Academy, children explore activities and topics that foster academic, social, and life skills, as well as community integration.

At ACE Academy, our evidence-based approach combines academics with extracurriculars that connect to the passions and interests of our students. While we offer homework help and tutoring for those who are looking for support in school subjects, we know that valuable learning happens outside the traditional classroom, too.

We offer a wide variety of topics to explore, including:

  • Creative Makers Arts: sculpture, wood works, and more
  • Drama and Improv, including voice
  • Dance and Yoga
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Digital Photography

Students can join clubs within the program as well, including but not limited to:

  • Debate Club: for kids who want to find or strengthen their voice.
  • Film Club (including film production for online content): for kids who want to share their vision of the world
  • Cooking Club (including baking!): for kids who want to make their loved ones smile, one cupcake at a time
  • Community Outreach Club: for kids who want to develop their own unique leadership skills and connect to the community around them

Interested in adding a tutoring session?

ACE Academy offers a tutoring option for students who need additional academic support.

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ACE Academy has its own location at: 
6625 Thornton Ave, Newark, CA 94560
*Please note that this is not the same location as the Main Office for Little Scholar programs

Tuition & Hours

Please visit our Tuition page to learn more about fees and available openings.

Transportation Services

ACE Academy will coordinate with schools to pick up children and provide transportation free of charge for schools within a one mile radius. For transportation fees outside of the one mile radius, please contact us.

More than an after school program

Why Choose ACE Academy?

Our life and work environments are changing dramatically as the economic landscape changes with the introduction of new technologies. Many jobs are becoming obsolete as computers take over routine tasks, and this change will continue to accelerate in the near future.

In her book Now You See It, educator Cathy Davidson estimates that two-thirds of students will work in fields that are not yet invented. For students to thrive in this new landscape, they need to think creatively, be resilient, have a global view, be able to collaborate with an array of people, and adapt to change rapidly.

At ACE Academy, we are deeply committed to providing a framework to children that will help them face these challenges with grit, contribute positively to their communities, and mentor generations to come.

Our Vision

To empower all students with academic, social, and life skills to be tomorrow’s innovators and community leaders.

ACE After School Core Values

Highly Qualified Staff

Our program is staffed by highly qualified professionals with years of experience working with elementary-age children.

Health and Safety

All Little Scholar programs, including ACE Academy, remain open with safety practices in line with CDC and Alameda County guidelines. At our site, you will see the following practices in use:

  • Frequent hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
  • Modified drop off and pick up procedures
  • Daily health screening procedures, including temperature screenings and home health updates
  • Safe staff-to-student ratio
  • Small student cohorts